I learn to learn.

Learning is essential in everything that I do — whether it's schoolwork, projects, or experiences.

My interest in tech grew since I was young; although ambiguous, tech has always fascinated me. From simple circuitry to building apps, there's still something fascinating waiting to be discovered.



Check out what I've worked with.

I've been exposed to quite a few experiences.

From those fun, memorable moments — including programmes, competitions, and hackathons — I've managed to get closer to my goal of making something helpful by equipping myself with the skills and learning I need.



Swift was the first programming language I've learnt, but I'm still developing apps using Swift here and there today. Before Swift, I had no prior experience or exposure to code — even block coding.



After learning Swift, I was introduced to the world of Android app development; with it came Java and Kotlin. Now, I have the knowledge to build for Android, too. While still rough around the edges, I'm learning through more personal projects; I mostly prefer Kotlin to Java for the simpler syntax.



Currently, I'm taking part in lessons to be closer to a new type of programming, besides the world of app dev that I know and love. With this, I get to learn Python, a universally-adopted programming language used in almost every way.



Check out what I've created.

With more experiences, come more projects.

Some of these projects are personal — others are not. Whatever kind they are, I give them my best to complete them the best I could.


The end is never the end is never the end.

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