Arash Nur Iman

👋 Hello, world!

I'm Arash Nur Iman.

I'm a student developer from Singapore passionate about delivering simple, efficient, and easy-to-use creations of technology.

An active contributor, a life-changer, and a friend to all.

Bold dreams for an individual, but a goal for me.

I wish to develop myself into someone who contributes back to society, influences the lives of many, and be there for those I’m close with.

In a way, I’m already working towards that idealistic goal. I like to think that the many relationships I’ve forged over 16 years of my life have allowed me to learn from others as much as others have learned from me. Many have known me to be someone friendly, trusted, and responsible, and while its certainty remains uncertain, I hope to continue developing myself on the right track.


As a young child, I’ve always been interested in computers. From exploring the computer laptop to spending free time in kindergarten at the computer station, I was always fascinated an inclined towards computers and seeing how they work in our daily lives.

Primary school

My passion was fuelled further when I joined the school's ICT Club. As someone quick to grasp technology, I managed to pick up essential skills — like using the Office suite of apps and media creation — and put them to use.

Secondary school

Secondary school was where I gained my first-hand experience with code, and it certainly was the most impactful in terms of exposing me to the world of technology. I gained the skill of code, UI design, algorithmic thinking, and much more over my four years in secondary school.

As I grew up, I realised the importance of having core values I can hold on to for guidance. While they may subtly change as I gain better insight to them, I try my best to ensure the core meaning of a value is upheld.


Personal | Interpersonal

Having serious attention or consideration applied to doing something; feeling concern or interest.


Personal | Interpersonal

Having due regard for (someone's feelings, wishes, or rights).


Personal | Interpersonal

Being accountable for something where accountability is due and appropriate.



Persistent in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.



Being honest and having strong moral principles.

A learner, a developer, and an aspiring student.

Every opportunity brings something to learn.

As I continue to develop myself as an individual, I also pick up valuable skills that help me become more of a developer as I go on.

It started in 2018 when I picked up Swift, my first programming language. I had no prior introduction to the world of code, but my passion for technology further fuelled as I grasped more concepts, participated in more events, and expanded my knowledge. Thus far, the skills of Swift and Python sit comfortably in my toolbox, with Java and Kotlin still a work-in-progress.


A programming language created by Apple for developing native applications for its platforms of iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS.


A programming language created by Oracle for a variety of purposes; mostly used by me for developing Android applications.


A programming language creaed by JetBrains for a variety of purposes; mostly used by me for developing Android applications.


A programming language powerful to have and has a wide variety of purposes; mostly used by me in academic learning and program development.

Not to mention, I've gained some other useful skills beyond the scope of programming as well.


Guitar Playing


UI Design

A tinkerer, an experimenter, and a developer.

Who knew playing around is a good thing?

Playing around is a good thing to build up my skills, test out what I know, and learn new things.

The result of the tinkering I've done is the several projects that I have been a part of. No matter a school project or a personal project, I make it an effort to give everything I do my best shot. Doing so allows me to learn what I do best and showcase the quality of work I offer at the same time.


Python | The Unlicense

⛱️ A place for me to test out different stuff in one place.



💻 A dashboard-like program to make interacting with a computer simpler.



🌐 The third iteration of my website.


JavaScript | MIT License

⛅️ A simple weather app made for you.


Python | MIT License

👋 My profile's README repository.


Swift | MIT License

☑️ An open-sourced to-do list app made for everyone.


Python | The Unlicense

☑️ Parses homework from a list and adds them to Todoist automatically.


Swift | MIT License

🎓 An app to help students understand their academic accomplishments better.

balloon satellite


🛰 A repository for all the source code for the Balloon Satellite programme.